I watched I, Tonya tonight and had many feelings. I saw the neighborhoods I lived in and the people I knew in the portrayal. I don’t feel adequate to discuss all my thoughts, but goddamn my heart broke for her when she begged the judge to just send her to jail, instead. Reader, I cried. She didn’t even have her GED. Is that enough to bring it back to teaching?

Today on the phone with my boss, I (re)asserted my wish for everyone that submits documentation to me to go through a class on what the documents are, and what they are for. I also asserted my wish for the larger team of which I am a part to go through a training on conflict resolution or project management. I know training isn’t teaching, but I also know that when people are trained in how to deal with novel or complex situations, they are more likely to perform well when the time comes. My hope, when I train or teach, in part, is that I can give people some context to apply to the next essay or memo or resume or query letter, some practice at it, so that when they are looking at the blank screen, they think, “I know what to do next.” Is the opposite of anxiety confidence? That. That is what I want (to instill).

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