Two things. I learned this tidbit today: language may shape how we make moral decisions. And, I am going to choose an “exercise” related goal for my next better than goal. Part of it will include doing a set of exercise that this magazine I just bought assures me will give me a flatter stomach in 28 days. WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT.

Also, I chatted up some students and dealt with the usual Monday work stress at my day job. I’m behind on my essay. I’m afraid to continue to draft the essay because it might suck. I am afraid that I no longer speak essay-language. My fear has become such a boundary lately. The term “crippling” is both overused and problematic, but I feel it is accurate here, because I am not able to perform essential tasks, including transportation, socialization, and self-care as a result of it. In any case, I need to get over it and get to work.