huka _smI’m going to start with the good things today. We saw the amazing Huka falls and I found a yarn shop in Taupo (should get to shop it tomorrow).
I’m not going to focus on the frustrating conversations with uneducated racist 20 year olds; the hot springs that were too expensive for the kids who then spent a fortune on booze for dinner; or the kiwi rookery that costs nearly $50 — which means I have to choose between possum/merino wool to bring home or a couple of hours in a centre where the kiwis are fed in the daytime (which they think is nighttime, thanks to red lights) for the benefit of tourists. It’s a drag. I’m going to go with wool. I hope that ends up being the right choice.

Day 11 photo set.

The falls though, WOW. They were amazing. The water here is overworldly blue. Everywhere.