I spent an hour tonight writing a long and detailed response to a student which could be boiled down to “IT’S IN THE SYLLABUS.” But I tried to put myself in the student’s shoes, while also clearly expressing expectations that future questions be answered just a smidge more self-sufficiently.

I could have said the things I said in about ten minutes (although knowing me I’d’ve still taken 40), but typing and then re-typing for compassion or clarity took time… And I am not confident the message landed. Time will tell.

I wish I could get a (very short) glimpse into the times I was a jerk to my past teachers at times like these. Because I forget, even though I know I was an asshole sometimes, the details of my own transgressions. I want to hear how I asked when the assignment was due, even though it was printed on a piece of paper I’d stuffed away weeks ago, and I want to see how they responded to me.

Tomorrow, I will transition to February’s plan: to be better at working out than last year. I am going to (at least) do this 28-day ab workout from a magazine I bought, and spend a month overanalyzing my abs (just kidding)–but I also want to make a 30-minute walk a part of each work day. That is supposed to be a benefit of working from home: taking a walk on my lunch break. Other goals/the plan of attack to come.

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