We got up ass early for the moon and put on actual clothes and walked down the road… and nothing. Too much fog and cloud cover to see a damn thing. When we crawled back into bed, I slept for another hour plus… giving me a grand total of nearly 20 hours in two days. I thought as I got old and menopausal (as the last not-listening-to-a-damn-word doctor suggested), I was supposed to need less sleep?

My teaching experiment is over, though my teaching continues at least through May. Think good thoughts that they offer me an eight-week section in summer. I could really use the money. Not least of all because it is going to cost more thousands of dollars to get the crawlspace insulated.

I struggle with time management, especially now that my office is only two actual steps from my bedroom. It is hard to create a rigid schedule and abide by it. A rigid schedule used to sound like the WORST thing in the world, but I’ve learned that I do not thrive without one. And while I love being surrounded by things and stuff, things and stuff distract me. If I can ever build my office shed, it will have books and office supplies and a comfortable chair and not much else. But that feels very far away. That feels at least $12 grand away, and I’ve only saved up 2.

So starting tomorrow, I will add a little more structure to my days. I’m not going to stop checking into my courses every weekday, just because January’s over. Doing so really allowed me to limit my weekend work on grading papers, and I’d like to eventually get this system down where I get weekends off to work on the house/go for hikes. I really, really, really want to be hiking more. Instead, I am going to add two new things: a 20 minute ab workout 3x a week and weekday 30 minute lunchtime walks. On the days I’m not doing power crunches, I’ll practice my sun salutations–starting with two full rounds each morning, adding a round each week. This is all an effort to be better at fitting in regular intentional movement, but that’s too long, so I’ll just say better at getting moving than last year.

I’ll be doing a fair bit of reading, too, and I’ll talk about that. Here’s to being better tomorrow!

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