saltriverForget all that stuff I said yesterday about not being able to get my shit done. I got plenty done today.
I also did some really great things for my mental health. And rewarded myself for it with a small mountain of frozen yogurt with fruit toppings.

Everything’s going to be alright; everything’s going to be alright.

Tonight, over the Salt River, I heard the beed-beed-beed of nighthawks, which are not hawks at all, but really insectivorous nightbirds, aka caprimulgiformes.

Raptors migrate during the day. This is because they need light to see prey, but also because they rely on thermals and updrafts and things to help them soar.

Most passerines (which includes lots of backyard birds and blackbirds and pretty little song birds and things) migrate at night. Not only are there fewer predators, but the cooler night air is less turbulent, and has a more uniform temperature.

In other words: sparrow hawks are afraid of the dark, while sparrows are not.