Ten percent of the year is now over, in case you need to be freaked out into action regarding some goal or plan.

My essay draft is done, speaking of freaking out, but I’m waiting one more day before giving it a final ruthless edit.

Today I did the grueling ab workout for the third time, and I am better at the bear shoulder taps, the runners lunge, both arm exercise and weirdly, the squats. Only slightly, but when I say better, I mean getting the hang of. I still cannot do the crab kick for shit and my frog kick/jump is reedonkulously bad. On my walk today I noticed this very bright green plant that has been under the water level in the drainage ditch for (seems like) weeks and weeks sprung up and out into soft and fluffy clumps over the weekend. I could totally see how they’d get taller and soak up water until the buried grass seeds could breathe again, so then they’d sprout and get taller and soak up even more water, until by summer the ditch would be dry and full of weeds, and then, with no water, they’d all die back until next spring again. Which is to say: to everything, there is a season. Maybe even crab kicks.

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