classroomASU… is probably good every once in awhile.
I spent the whole day on the ASU campus (one working coffee break) listening and writing hard. Then I pitched my book idea to a couple of agent/editors. Their responses were fairly positive… But I have a long way to go before I have a proposal, so these were just test runs.

Right now I am the kind of exhausted that only comes from a day of hard thinking.

Does anyone out there have Wiley Online Library access? I am trying to get an article about King Vultures that my school doesn’t have in their list for some reason (other articles from this same pub are there, just not this particular one).

The highest flying bird ever recorded was a Rüppell’s vulture that was discovered in 1974 at 37,000 feet when it was caught in a jet engine. If you read the linked article, you will note that the author has chosen to use the word “sighted” rather than “exploded,” as was more likely the case. There are a lot of ways to make history and a lot of ways to record it.