Tomorrow, I will get to spend part of my day buying books (and maybe even records) and part of my day lunching about with a very good friend. That has made today immeasurably better than yesterday.

My workout this morning was … unwelcome … but, I managed to do most of it with comparative grace. I’m finishing the notes for my workshop class over the next five days, and then I will be done with that until summer (if I’m asked back in summer)(if I’m available in summer).

No word from either of the folks I asked for recommendations. Not that I’m freaked out, except, you know, if they never respond and then what?

On today’s walk I managed to get to the library duck pond and back in my 30 minutes, which means I’m walking a bit faster. That’s also not nothing. I’m still super angry at my body in general, and my knees have decided to be angry back, but we haven’t given up on one another completely yet.

Once my last essay goes live (which now, of course, I hate so deeply, because it is out of my hands and I cannot scratch it all and start over or edit out one more set of “that”s and “like”s) I will have no essay requests or obligations… Except any I decide to make for myself.

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