Today I met a few of my new students in my online writing workshop, and I am already loving the diversity of their experiences and topics. The course is being taught on a new platform, so I’ll be getting used to it as I get to know these writers. It’s a busy time of my year, and will provide necessary resources to get me through house projects between now and summer, but that’s not why this is one of my favorite parts of my work year: I really like talking about essays and essaying.

This is in contrast to my day job which was really frustrating today. I felt very removed from the action in a way that I don’t normally–even though I work hundreds of miles from the office every day. But, I tried hard to let that frustration go. This month is about being a better teacher than last year, so I’m going to let go the feeling that I need to address every single facet of my life right now just because it isn’t as I’d have it ideally.  Maybe expectations are a good thing to work on next, though I’d have no idea how to make a measurable goal I could use to evaluate or demonstrate progress.

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