I may understand intellectually how it is that I just lost a whole day, but I don’t get it.
We left Laramie at 9 am on Thursday morning and now it is Saturday morning. Friday: poof.

Way out

No good travel writing starts at the airport or on the plane. As with Spain, this documentation has to start there, however. I have no requirement that my notes be any good, just complete.

On the plane I sat in the middle seat. We were served two meals, I watched most of two movies I’d been wanting to see (Little Miss Sunshine and Beasts of the Southern Wild–missed the ending of that one, but I liked it enough to want to see it again), and I slept a little.

We were served New Zealand Pinot Noir and Syrah with our meals. The Pinot was pretty good. This was the actual inflight safety video.

The airport on arrival was decked out in huge fake dunedain statues and fake moss covered stone archways. This hobbit business is everywhere. I’m about out of free internet time so this will have to do for now. Hopefully I will have more interesting things to document tomorrow.

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