By “they,” I mean “lunches.” Chipz had potential… a deep fried variety pack, a deep fried burger, and fries (no mayo, please). Except, like many good romances, it always looked more delicious in my dreams. Bicky Burger and the accompanying “mixgrill” were all highly processed. So they had that strange spongy quality of tofu lunch meat, or cafeteria chicken. Two of the tots were actually some sort of spicy rice mix, which was good. And the fries, I mean short of frosting them in a condiment, no one can really mess up fries.

Bicky burger mit frietje en mixgrill

So, my hostess is now teasing me for picking the unhealthiest and least satisfying fast food in the whole city. She had suggested McDonalds, at which I scoffed. After we got our burgers, she said that at least McDonald’s came from real cows.

I mentioned that I could say with certainty that the chicken that composed a percentage of my chicken tot had almost certainly ate its mother. She replied that the pineapple on her “hawaiian” burger had eaten its mother, too.

I told her, and I still believe it, that McDonald’s might have had a better burger, but Chipz ended up being a better story.

Today in observations, we saw the parents being especially attentive. Snowflake fed the chick for the first time in several weeks, and Sir brought new nesting material over to spruce up the nest.



Tomorrow, we will visit the dating aviary at Planckendael nature park. The flooding in parts of Europe as well as administrative delays mean that my road trip is up in the air. The breeding center in Vienna and the reintroduction site in the French Alps are supposed to be amazing… So I hope I don’t miss either one. Cross your fingers, everybody!

For the full Day 5 set (a small one, today), click here: eating the inedible

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