Man. The two toughest things to figure out overseas: toilets and internet. At least so far, the toilets have been totally expected and intuitive. 

It has proven to be prohibitively expensive for me to get internet out of town. In town, I’m using a crazy old computer in 30 minute increments for 20 Rands. There are about eleventy pop-ups on every page I open. 

So far: I needed help to unlock my room and turn on the computer. The desk guy probably thinks that I’m mentally challenged. WINNING.

But! Peter Mundy’s publisher is driving to my hostel in an hour and a half to deliver a copy of Vultures of the World. I won’t get to meet Mundy himself (heartbreaking!) but we’ve been exchanging emails and he is very supportive, if terse. 

It’s warm and beautiful. The grounds here at the Backpackers Ritz are full of weird birds I need to identify, and skinks. 

I’ll buy another 30 minutes tomorrow–and give an update after New Year’s… but otherwise, the posts will be quick and few until I am back to wireless land. Postcards, however, have been procured (plus stamps) and those will be free-flowing. 


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Jeff Meucci · December 31, 2013 at 3:13 pm

Can’t wait to hear!

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