A new chapbook and a new class!

Hi everyone, I have some fantastic news: a new chapbook and another session of Eureka! Science Writing for General Audiences

First, the book: #Lovesong, published by Etchings Press, is now available for sale here. This book expands the ideas started in this piece on DIAGRAM. If you like that essay, I think you'll love #Lovesong: It has even more birds, more broken-hearts and more than a dozen tweet-length love stories. It is a collage of love and loss made up of images, found text, and micro-prose. 

Second, I was fortunate to get a chance to teach a workshop on science writing for the general public this past summer with Creative Nonfiction Magazine. The course sold out, and at the time, I wasn't able to offer a second session. Since then, I've gotten some great feedback from the first workshop group and have expanded the course to five weeks. You can read more about the class and how it's organized here. If you sign up by December 16th, you can save a bit on the enrollment costs. 

Finally, I am and will be appearing in an anthology near you: Best American Science and Nature Writing 2016 is finally available from Amazon and Waveform: Twenty-first Century Essays by Women can be pre-ordered for December release. Also coming soon: Environmental and Nature Writing (Nov 2016) and How We Speak To One Another (March 2017).

Thank you to all of you out there for your continued love and support and light. I couldn't do this without you.