On being someone's daughter: new essay up at Shenandoah

I am very grateful to the editors over at Washington and Lee University who have published an essay I wrote in response to a question or just a questioning look I get from time to time. I've thought quite a bit about how I feel about the relationship the essay describes.

The way I feel isn't the way I'm supposed to, culturally, and people regularly tell me that it is a relationship I must "fix." There are a lot of reasons people give, but most boil down to the fact that this relationship will always exist, so it should be good. And what I tried to get at is that I'm not angry. This relationship isn't marred because of anger, but because of a lack of empathy and connection--I'm not interested in "teaching" a grown ass adult how to be a caring person. What I am interested in is protecting myself from objectification.  

Here's the essay: HOW TO SKIN A BIRD