Recent publications, not-humble brags, and yawps

Some news.

I just received my pre-ordered copy of The Best American Essays 2014. Which I am IN (with a Notable essay on page 222. Right next to Sven Birkirts and Eula Biss. I am SWOONING. You can get your own copy by clicking the giant yellow box below.

Passages North will be printing a hybrid piece of mine in their next issue, so they were kind enough to let me talk a bit on their blog about my opinions on the mind of an essayist. The Essayist Stutters, Stops, Starts, Goes

I was also fortunate to find a home at Brevity for three of the latest dead animals. Rat. Cat. Crow.

And speaking of dead animals, a big thanks to PEN/America and Guernica for featuring an ode to the many dead animals I saw on Hwy 16 between Ucross and Sheridan, Wyoming. Raccoon, Pronghorn, &c

Finally, all the warm feelings and dewy gratitude eyes to Grace Liew over at Thin Air Magazine for republishing an essay that I was worried was lost to print archives. Bird by Desert-light. This is the first essay that I doggedly clung to, sure of its importance, even in the face of more than a dozen rejections. This lil hummingbird was edited and RE-edited and so many readers gave me great feedback. While it wasn't my first essay, it feels like my first proof of a process of writing.