Orion and Vela Magazine double-feature delight!

On the same day last week, two of my newest publications went live. It was dizzying.

First, my dream-publication-come-true, Orion, has published a lyric idyll about my time in a field of dead bodies. It can be read, alongside really beautiful pieces by Nicole Walker and Antonia Malchik, in the March/April issue. Or, you can see it online, here

Second, the gorgeous and stellar Vela Magazine published a personal essay about my existential angst over some recent writer's block and my deep and abiding love for Maggie Nelson's Bluets. You can read about my inability to write here

Finally, this Thursday, in the little town of Hamilton, I'll be reading from the vulture book at Colgate University. You can catch my act at 7 pm in Lathrop Hall, room 207, along with some knock-you-down poems written by my fellow fellow, the passionate and compassionate Javier Zamora.