Buy my chapbook from me, get a sticker and a ♥-note!

My chapbook, Ologies, is available for sale from Etchings Press

But for a limited time (until I run out), it is also available from me, right here on this website. And as an incentive, if you buy the book from me, I will write a note and stick a bug sticker in it. 

Buying the book from me costs exactly the same as buying it from the publisher: $10 + $3 s/h. 

If you'd like a copy, drop me a line using the contact form and using the email address you'd like the invoice sent to. I use Paypal but can also accommodate Square, if that's your jam, just let me know which you prefer in the note.  

If you are a chapbook reviewer, I've also got a PDF version available for free. Drop me a line and let me know where you post your reviews and I will get you a copy post haste. 

Thank you all, both for helping to make this little book happen, and for helping me get some copies off my hands!