Upcoming Readings/Lectures

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Upcoming Panels/Presentations

  • NonfictioNOW – Phoenix, AZ (Nov 1-3, 2018) The F Word –  including a roundtable on how a book’s failure can impact our confidence, productivity, and drive in both negative and positive ways—and, most importantly, what to do next. With Randon Billings Noble, Berry Grass, & Susan Olding
  • Association of Writers and Writing Programs – Portland, OR (Mar 27-30, 2019) Rewriting Wild Bodies – In this session, writers and teachers of ecological literature will use theories of ecofeminism and environmental justice to consider how built urban and suburban spaces exclude or erase “others”—nonwhite, non-cisgendered, poor, disabled bodies. With Heidi Hutner, Olivia Olivia, J Drew Lanham, and Marco Wilkinson Seiryu