It’s like Paris all over again, and I have no money. I blew some stashed dollars to hide out in a lounge and stretch out (sort of) and snore (probably). And also eat free biscotti and drink coke light. The lighting is soft & soothing in here. There’s an open bar which I should’ve taken better advantage of.

On the plane, I met Aymon, a Nubian from Northern Sudan. He just finished his MBA with an enviro focus. I said, “What do you want to do now?” He said, “Business!” And I said, “But what does that mean?”

I never found out because it was his turn for the bathroom and on that three row plane, we never met again.


Everyone is posting their real and fake and big and little New Year’s Resolutions. I’m going to start small, and resolve to stay open to experiences for the next 30 days.

It turns out a hotspot (or “dongle”) is around $150 at the airport. I may not have Internet at Vulpro, as a result. I’ll see if the prices are better at Tambo airport. Onward!

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