First,  the good. There are blackberries and birds in great abundance, both. I have such good, and wonderful friends very nearby. M is still cautiously optimistic, even after the weekend we had.  Many small changes will make a big difference. I feel a connection to my heritage, here, which is good and bad.

blackberries from the yard  blackberries from the yard just a flesh wound just a flesh wound one of the better rooms one of the better rooms

We hauled away two truckloads plus a partial load of junk. Strangers took another three or so.  There were fleas, so many spiders, literal rat’s nests. Everything that can be degraded, or damaged  by age or neglect, is rotten or sagging or crooked. Which is to say that a lot of big things need to be different.

the overgrown front yard in not-quite-dawn light the overgrown front yard in not-quite-dawn light we emptied it. we emptied it.

On the last night, after two days of hauling donations and trash, after three friends made trips all over on our behalf, and while we were taking a load of trash to a nearby dump, someone pried open a window and stole my work computer. “What a welcome to the neighborhood, huh?” said the young deputy who responded. Indeed.

We are still optimistic. But it’s going to take so much work and so much money. It’ll be hard to stay motivated without reminders about how far we’ve come. I’ll try to keep a tally here.

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Louis Martin · July 30, 2017 at 11:14 pm

Reclaiming and restoring a house seems to me one of the acts of creation that can give life deeply rooted meaning. It does sound like a lot of work, but living in a place you have given your hope, thought, and sweat will be rewarding and sustaining. And blackberries. How wonderful. All best of luck with the adventure.

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