Wall of Gratitude

The following is a partial and in-progress list of all the people for whose help and support have made the difference in my life. These folks have watered my plants, taught my class, helped me move, answered my questions, supported my writing, fed me, housed me, listened to me talk long and tearfully about my doubts and fears (or long and manically about my progress and successes). They have cheered me up, talked me down, offered perspective, praise, advice, encouragement. They have mentored me, taught me, nurtured me. 

The names are not in any order. I will add to this list every chance I get. If you aren't on the list yet and think you should be, please note that I came up with this idea early one morning and put up the first draft without any coffee. It's likely I'll come to my senses eventually. If you are on this list and don't know why... well, whatever it was that you did, it mattered and I appreciate it.

Darlene & Tom Biondolillo
Lauren Trembath-Neuberger
Rebecca Estee
Corrie Monson
Erica Witbeck
Warren Ruedy
Brianne Biondolillo
Emma Lou & Donald Dodd
George & Roxanne Dodd
David Dodd
Kate Moseley
Ericka Schenck
Ginger Brice
Carolyn Raffensperger
Chris Taylor
Gail Folkins
Dennis Covington
Dee Wallace
Andrew Boginski
Cheyenne Sawyer
John Casey
TC Gritt
Jeff Lutchswager
Wendy Passafume
Pam & Deedee
Rachel Fontenot
Andy Fitch
Frieda Knobloch
Jeff Lockwood
Bob Beck
Casey Lane
Carol Gibson
Beth Loffreda
Brad Watson
Danielle Pafunda
Ginger Ko
Silas Hansen
Staci Schoenfeld
Oliver Bendorf
Harry Whitlock
Rachel Keiserman
Fred Osuna
Art Snoke
Elizabeth Dodd
Samuel Hovda
James Siegfried
Pattie, Martha, Susan, Michaelene, Barb, and all of the other MLC teachers
Anne Falcone
Ander Monson
Lara Dua-Schwartz
Ben Slater
Amy Stewart
Melissa Martinez
Pat LaBorde
Jill Talbot
Sarah Einstein
Tupper, Amanda, Gardner, and all my other OSPIRG bosses
Jack Portland
Diane Kornberg
Betsy Lindsay
Jeanne Bangs
Mrs. Irish, Mr. Teeters, and Mr. Jordan
Christine Bailey
Karrie Higgins
Alan Murdock
Irina Zhorov
Lam Pham
Brie Wilson
Hattie Fletcher
Sofi Thanhauser
Miguel Kaminski
Javier Zamora
Jeff Cardello
Caryn Cardello
Steve Bodio
Matt Carling
Paul Johnsgard
Linda Brown
John Winbigler
Jane King
Jeff Roff
Mary Kassels
Robin Pickart
Wendy Passafume
Jason Plumb
Mike Latham
Brenda Stark
Nick Stenzel
Debbie Stoller
Vanessa & Brian Rigsby
Autumn Toney
Cassandra Looby
Maya Mackowiak-Elson
Katja Wolfram
Paige McNickle
Ted Floyd
Jessica Jurzenski
Kristen Gunther
Jeff Questad
Amy Schaefer
Ramona Maher
Shannon & Rob Metcalfe
Michael Cordova
Catkin Bacon
Darin Parr
Brad Power
David Sinclair
Bruce Fleegal
Michelle & Paddy Slabbekoorn
Sharon Dynak
Jennifer Brice
Tess Jones
Lavinia Nicolae
Molly Beer
Amy Butcher
John & Kodiak Robertson
Happy Spring Day
Chandler Bassett
Michael DeLong
Jeanne Ulrich
Willow Belden
Becky Martinez
Kathleen Eamon
Lynarra Featherly
Sarah Rae German
Andrea Butler
Ty Pearson
Sonya Benjamin
Amy Rotzler
Maggie Downs
Doug & Merilee
Viva Mertlich
Penny Louder
Birgit Burke
Rusty Birdwell
David Olimpio
Sean H. Doyle
Jennifer Schneider
Luling Osofsky
Caleb Johnson
Joyce Stewart
Sam Martone
Katie Oldaker
Leslie & Michael Doyle
Joanne Namerow
Kenzie Allen
Phil Doucet
Annika Morgan
Karina Mascorro
Berlisha Morton
Jill Ahearn Dickenson
Betsy Aoki
Mark Gay
Chris Crawford
Gabriel Houck
Scott Howdeshell
Vivian Banks
Gayla Elizabeth
Lisa Gilbert
Liv Dillon
Rob Gaskins
Patrick Nathan
Sara Henderson
Alexis Paige
Fontaine Lien
Casey Lane
Ashley Bethard